When streaming music service Spotify wanted to take their music service on the road, they asked The Brigade to build a digital experience. Cross-country music tours require an awesome tour bus, so we made Spotify’s summer-festival wheels killer. Our goal was to create a memorable and socially engaging experience that introduced concert goers and their Facebook friends to the vast Spotify music library. Visitors used their phone to connect, add songs to the bus and share their choices on facebook to receive priority plays. No need to subscribe or download anything.

The boombox was displayed on a massive screen on the side of the bus featuring the current track, recently added songs and a dynamic Spotify Instagram feed.  On the inside of the bus, users were prompted with questions like “What’s your favorite road trip song?” where they could search the Spotify library to answer and earn swag.  To bring it all together, we also built the SpotifyOnTour.com microsite and Facebook app and broadened their campaign to include Instagram and Twitter. Each hub included: a tour schedule, photos and videos from the tour, and user generated playlists from each stop.

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